Our strength is our ability to match and exceed our customer needs. Whatever you need, we will be honored to deliver.


From the wire to a full set of electrical cabinetry. Having the expertise, we can also install every single item we deliver!


Bathroom, toilet, shower, kitchen, pump (automatic or semi-automatic), pvc pipes,etc.All the plumbing items you require are within reach. Just contact TVB.

Power Generation

We offer a selection of small duty to heavy duty generators. We carefully select the power generator for your convenience and assist you in it’s installation.

HVAC Units & Supplies

A full set of HVAC supplies and products to effectively air condition your office or home.


For construction or your casual use, the choice of hardware is becoming day by day crucial. Ordering the wrong one can harm you. How to get the best hardware? Turn to us and we will find it for sure: quality and affordable.


With the hardware comes the use of the right tools…here again TVB is delivering the best in town!


Plywood, oriented strand board, finger-jointed, roof trusses, parallel strand lumber, etc. We provide a variety of lumber for your requirements.


Furnishing a house or office requires a careful selection of the supplier. The material may seem nice but then has no durability. We provide a large selection of furnishings that are both highly attractive and durable.


We lease and sale all type of cars. You just choose and we deliver!

Heavy Equipment

If you choose to rent a heavy equipment, TVB is the right company to contact.

Computers & IT Equipment

PCs, Laptop, scanners, printers…etc. and other high-tech materials

CCTV Equipment

Security camera, recorder, screen, fingerprint access…etc. we can deliver and install!


A variety of commodities are available: from wheat to gold.


The choice of cement is crucial in the field of construction. Choose us and we will provide the best quality cement in the world at competitive prices.


The sale of subsistence also includes delivery which requires an expertise that we at TVB possess.

Kitchen Equipment

Galvanized kitchen equipment that is ideal for canteen and camp.


Heavy duty chain link fence is the first choice for high security and protection.

And More!

Our strength is our ability to match and even exceed our customer need. Whatever you need, we will be honored to deliver.

Have an idea? Need a Product or Service? We’re here with solutions!