Founded in 2004 by Taher M. Daoud and Abdoulkader K. Mokhtar

T he name of our Company is routed from one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Republic of Djibouti: Tadjourah. This city earned the nickname of “Ville Blanche” by the fact that most of the houses are white in color. Being a General Trading Company, we focused on specialized and tailored orders. This market niche helped us grow our name nationwide. For the past 10 years, we have changed the shape of the whole world from top to bottom. On one hand, high-tech materials have revolutionized the world and on the other we saw the emergence of “low quality and cheap” materials invading the world.

Our Company is one of the few in the local market who successfully cope with these changes. This was possible for the following reason:

• We were able to develop our skills and we offer a large variety of products, from manual to high-tech.

• We control our product and make sure you get the best quality and best price.

The key factor to our success is mainly the fact that we always create a win-win situation for our clients and partners. We always prepare for the long-term.

This company profile is meant for you to see what does TVB offers and why you should be working with TVB. Enjoy going through our company profile and feel free to contact us, should you need more information – 24/7 we are available because we’re committed and professional!

We have been honored to work with KBR, Camp Lemonier Contracting Office, PAE Lockheed Martin, NMCB, and so many other local companies. Our quality work and dedication has earned us a trusted and respected reputation!

Our strength is our ability to match and even exceed our customer needs. Whatever you need, we will be honored to deliver.


Tadjourah Ville Blanche


Professionalism is knowing how to do it, when to do it, and doing it!

Our Vision:

• Being the number one in general trading in the East African Region.

• Our customer’s happiness comes first.

• Working with commitment and professionalism.

Our Mission: 

• Being up to date in terms of technology and business development both locally and regionally.

• Setting up a high quality customer service relationships.

• Always being available, 24/7, no matter what the circumstances, respecting the dateline.

• Delivery of high quality service and products.